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Website, SEO & Marketing Services.

Do you:

  1. Need a website to sell products or promote your business?

  2. Want to increase traffic to an existing website?

  3. Wish your brand could reach more people?

If your answer is Yes to any of the above, I can help. As an independent freelancer, I'm able to offer you a tailored package to meet your business needs and suit your budget.

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Online Store

Website development.

With so much of the world online, a website can be a huge benefit to your business, whatever industry you're in. I design and build e-commerce and brand websites for SME's using platforms such as Shopify, Squarespace and Wix.

Here's an idea of the types of client I've helped in the past:

  • A national bakery business wanting to improve e-commerce sales and increase market reach across multiple channels

  • An upcoming watercolour artist wanting to expand from their existing Etsy and Contrado stores

  • An advertising company requiring a dual purpose website to sell subscription products and host an online business directory


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is vital to maintaining and improving your visbility in organic search results. The great thing about it is that unlike Google Adwords, it doesn't need an advertising budget.


It requires some initial investment with an expert like me to review and optimise your website. I can also provide ongoing support, or tips and training so that you can continue to maintain basic website optimisation yourself over time. This will help to drive that organic (free!) traffic long term.


There's a number of cogs in the SEO services wheel, including:

  • Branded & non-branded keyword research

  • Site architecture

  • Onpage & image optimisation

  • Optimised content creation

  • Site speed

  • Redirects

  • Trusted business listings

  • Link building (backlinks)

  • Reviews

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As a digital marketing consultant, I can help you to map out the best way forward to achieve your business goals.


This usually entails an initial assessment of your current situation, including:

  • Understanding your current marketing strategy (if any)

  • Deep-dive analysis of your website

  • Review of all utilised marketing channels e.g. ppc, email, social

  • Performance analysis across all channels

  • Competitor review


A plan is then prepared with prioritised recommendations on how you should move forward to achieve your goals. Your tailored plan can also recommend how best to split your time across various channels and spend any available budget to yeild maximum results.

You'll then have the option to to hire me to deliver your proposed new marketing strategy, or you can choose to do this yourself. If you choose the latter, I can offer staff training for an additional fee.


In addition to Shopify website development & SEO services, I can support you with additional marketing to increase your reach, drive traffic, grow revenue and retain customers. Services include:

  • Digital marketing strategy

  • Website management (any platform)

  • PPC / Paid social ads

  • Campaign management

  • E-marketing

  • Automation & Segmentation

  • Social media

  • Partnership & influencer marketing

  • Copywriting

  • Creative design

  • Branding

  • Market research

  • Analysis & reporting

  • Staff training

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